About The Project:

We are happy to announce the launch of our final project for 2017 #Transform4Uniform. We have built a long standing relationship with the team from The Jones Safehouse. The Jones Safehouse have 5 children who will be starting their first year at either primary or high school. We believe that education is key in educating our people and are happy that we the team at Choose Your Bruise are able to get involved and assist with the fundraising for the uniforms.

Why #Transform4Uniform:

The project aims to provide the children with the uniforms for their first year at school. When women and children become victims of abuse they go through this period of transformation. This transformation continues throughout their lives, from the initial abuse until the stage where they say Enough is Enough. The #Transfor4Uniform project will allow us to provide these children with uniforms, whilst encouraging learning; companionship and renewed trust.


For more information on The Jones Safehouse, please visit http://thejonessafehouse.org

R 5 300
33% Funded
R 1 750 Raised