About The Project:

We are happy to announce the launch of our second project #RenewYourSpace. We had the opportunity to meet the lovely team from Safehouse Stellenbosch and were inspired by the work the team at the safehouse are doing. Safehouse Stellenbosch provide protection, comfort, support and healing in order to restore body, mind, soul and spirit. Safehouse Stellenbosch will be building 5 new rooms in order to accommodate more families in need of a safe space which they can call home. We were happy to hear that the Choose Your Bruise team are able to get involved and assist with the furnishing of these rooms.

Why #RenewYourSpace:

We decided that because we are getting involved in the furnishing and decorating of the rooms that we would name it the #RenewYourSpace project. When women and children become victims of abuse they feel as though they have lost their power and are somehow to blame for the hurt that has been cause to them. The #RenewYourSpace project will allow us to give fresh life to this space where these families spend their time during their recovery, whilst encouraging strength and renewed determination to keep on moving forward. The project aims to allow these families to regain or restore some part of what had been lost to them.


For more information on Safehouse Stellenbosch, please visit http://safehousestellenbosch.co.za

R 11 000
79% Funded
R 8 650 Raised