About The Project:

Whilst meeting the lovely team from The Jones Safehouse we discussed ways in which we could work together. They advised that whilst they do receive funding from Government they are highly reliant on the genrosity of people in order to stay afloat. The Jones Safehouse had just recently had 2 of the rooms renovated and were struggling to raise the funds for the final room. The need to have the children's room renovated was great and I felt that this would be a great start for the growing relationship between Choose Your Bruise and The Jones Safehouse. We decided that we would make the girls room at The Jones Safehouse our first project.

Why #ReclaimYourSpace:

When women and children become victims of abuse they feel as though someone has invaded their space. The #ReclaimYourSpace project will allow us to uplift the space where the girls spend most of their personal time, whilst still giving hope to these individuals reclaiming their space and making it their own.


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R 25 000
92% Funded
R 22 890 Raised