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Why Choose Your Bruise?

Through different forms of exercise, sport or creative forms of expression that are physically, mentally and emotionally empowering, we do experience pain, which could result in occasional bruises – bruises that result from a conscious, consensual choice.

Unlike these forms of exercise, countless bruises occur as a result of violence against women and children, a global phenomenon that results in countless physical, mental and emotional bruises to its victims.

Bruises are an inevitable part of most sporting codes such as pole dance fitness, weightlifting, aerial arts, crossfit and gymnastics, to name a few. What makes these bruises special is that they result from a conscious decision. These athletes choose to participate in these forms of exercises. These bruises are welcome, as they are simply a part of the doing what we love.

Unfortunately, this is not the way all bruises appear. Every single day, thousands of women and children find themselves marked by physical, mental and emotional bruises - but not as a result from voluntary exercise. These bruises are the symptoms of a severely damaged, patriarchal society. They are domestic violence. They are physical and sexual assault. They are emotional, mental and verbal abuse. They are all the incomprehensible forms of violence against women and children. The victims of this kind of violence do not choose their bruises. They are denied that essential right.

Choose Your Bruise stands for conscious choice. It stands for empowerment and reclaiming the meaning of our bruises.

About Choose Your Bruise

Our Mission

What is Choose Your Bruise? Choose Your Bruise is a non-governmental project that intends to raise awareness and funds for women and children who suffer abuse. The project functions as an agent between private donors and selected NGOs who are dedicated to helping abused women and children.

Many NGO's and safe houses are reliant on funding by the government and other public entities whose resources are often insufficient or unavailable. In this case the NGO’s are forced to turn to private organisations for donations. Choose Your Bruise aims to bridge the gap in the system by acting as an agent in collaboration with various selected NGO’s and safe houses for abused women and children. This relieves the NGOs of the stress of sourcing funding, and allows them to focus on the actual issues at hand, which is the wellbeing of the women and children that are within their care.

The funds and donations that Choose Your Bruise raise go towards helping these organisations execute their important work in order to fight violence against women and children, and to support survivors of abuse.

Each project that we do will be personalised and have their own identity based on the cause.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create awareness regarding abuse against women and children. To bridge the gap for safe houses and NGO's so that these women have a safe haven. To act as an online safe haven for these women and children to talk about their experiences and help one another through it.

How To Get Involved

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Thank you for caring to know more about our cause and reading about our project. Please feel free to get in touch with us anytime